1. School’s Out Camp: Colors of the Season, Ages 6-10

    Monday, December 11 | 9 am

    Experience the wonders of winter through snowy landscapes in the galleries and creating your own works inspired by the sights and sounds of the season. 

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  2. School’s Out Camp: Once upon a Time, Ages 6-10

    Monday, January 8 | 9 am

    Art and stories go hand in hand. Explore how art tells stories and stories inspire art! Uncover exciting new stories, and create art inspired by them.


  3. EdCamp NCMA

    Saturday, February 24 | 10:30 am

    Collaborate and connect through an “unconference” approach to professional development. Participants create, lead, and attend participant-driven sessions on arts...


  4. School’s Out Camp: Lions and Tigers and Bears. OH MY!, Ages 6-10

    Monday, March 12 | 9 am

    Come explore all the marvels of the animal kingdom as we take inspiration from all our favorite animals, from the cuddly to the fierce. Join us as we make art that is all...


  5. School’s Out Camp: Mixing the Media, Ages 6-10

    Monday, April 2 | 9 am

    Sculpture, collage, painting, and drawing! Discover the variety of media in our galleries and Park, and try them out in your own creations.